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8/30/01: Aw shit! It's been so freakin' long! Now...I'm back in school...and that means...VERY VERY few updates from now on...I know, I know, when haven't there been few updates. Well...this time I mean...maybe MAYBE one every other month or something like that. Sucks huh? Well since I'll be away for so long...I'm going to update a little today. Um...all pictures of course. You guys already kno that. Five new banners, one of each character. Ah..and if u want to add ur link to my link page, feel free! I'm accepting all sites! Just make sure they have something, anything to do with Gundam Wing, k?

8/13/01: Ah, another great parody by Sakura-chan. Check it out at the fanfic section!

8/2/01: Sorry all, I know that summer school is over and everything but i still got a damn report due soon. Interview with the Pilots in the fanfic section was revised so I suggest checking it out. Um...i won't be updating for a while, sorry. I haven't been feeling so good lately. Kinda sickish and very tired. (and i honestly can't think of anything to do....) so just deal for a while, k? I appreciate all your support guys. (Even if it is just a VERY little...btw, more comments, more ideas i have for updates! Come on people!!!) Guess that's it...

7/13/01: Friday the thirteenth! No wonder i've been having a crappy ass day. Ah well, doesn't mean u have to. Alrighty, more pictures and that's about it. Take a look at the profiles. It has something interesting there. Not too many pictures, more some other day, k?

7/11/01: Geez, I thought I would have time to do this during the summer! Eck, I'm so freakin' busy!!! Any who, imma try to make them pictures into thumbnails like so many people have asked me for but it's just so much work, adding new pages and everything. I'll work on it. banner...Oi! Does anyone out there use trellix web too? I need help!!! How do u make things animated!?! REALLY new but...yeah.....send me stuff damnit!!! Oi! If my gundammail doesn't work use this one. Okee? ^_^ don't kill me....i promise i will update soon, very soon! links page is going to change slightly. You can now just add your link on if you want. I' u all kno...too lazy to do it myself. Heh...that's it really. I'm gonna test the link thing for a few days and if it works, it stays so add ur links on now. All links added on (if i don't keep the link thingy) will be added on to my site, no matter what. THANKS!!!

6/11/01: Now parody by the lovely Sakura-chan! banner. poll in RBZ....I think that is it. Oh, i plan on changing the poll in the main page. It just doesn't sound right. So...Make ur last votes!!! Hehehe....I'm going to change the poll maybe once every other month and i'll post the winners on the main page, k?

6/7/01: Whoa! A whole two months! Well, now I am on summer break so I'm going to try to update more. Um....I added a new fic, changed the poll (if you haven't noticed) but I think I'm going to change it again. Um...I'll try to update at least once a week but no promises. I'm sorry. Ah...I got a new link which I think is pretty good. Um...I'm going to try to add more pics and yes, I will try to make them thumbnails...eventually...Geez...if you guys don't hear from me in about a month, I'm in summer school or at work. I'm gonna be so busy this summer...

4/10/01: Okay, I finally put up some more pics (groups and Wu-chan). I need help on Heero's background info as well as Quatre's. I kinda got the gist of what the others are. I am....removing the mp3 section cause I can't figure the damn thing out (okay, I'm too lazy to keep up with it). It's gonna be replaced by a list of songs that you can e-mail me to recieve. I know no one will do this but...hey, I'm nice like that. Just know that it's there. I am very tired and I would rather sleep now but since I've been avoiding this thing so much, I'm updating today.

3/28/01: BTW, I'm taking the MP3 section out. If you want some of the songs, tell me on the gbook or e-mail me w/ the name of the song. I'll try and get it to you asap. That's it. You can also go to Napster (which is linked) and download the thing.

3/25/01: More pictures finally. Oi, I'm sorry bout not updating and all but come on! You gotta sign my guest book or at least the RBZ. I need to know what I can improve in. PLEASE!?! SIGN, na ka? I promise to update more...

3/4/01: Finally (and I do mean FINALLY!) I am updating. I put so new pics up but that is about all. I might put up an About Me page if you are interested (as if). Just tell me and I'll start working on it. (Eventually....)

2/21/01: Sorry! So VERY sorry! I haven't been updating at all! I'm not going to today but I will soon! This weekend at the latest....okay maybe not. I have so much work and I have no time. I will update soon. I have lots of pics to post and no, no fics yet. When I actually have time, I'll write something. I think I'm going to take out my MP3 section but I don't know yet. I'll update soon. Promise.

1/18/01: Finals are finally OVER!!! I'm gonna put up some more pics and try and fix the mp3s. Hey, I've been busy okay! Um...I might have more stuff later...Oh, I also got the new counters up! It's on the home page.

1/3/01: Eh...hi. Remember me? The bitch who won't update. Well, I made a pic for Relena in the RBZ. Just to tell ya, I got finals in a couple weeks so don't expect anything for a long time. I'll make it up to you! I swear!!! I might even post a fic...^_^' but no promises. Definately more pics comin'. BTW, Happy New Year (Gong Hey Fat Choy!!! Where's my money?!?!)-chinese joke...Um...about Christmas...I was away from home so ya can't blame me... Um...please don't kill me...BYE

11/27/00: Okay, I know that I am really testing your patience. I have updated today, a couple pictures in groups and layout stuff. I also know that the mp3s don't work so I'm gonna work on that too. Thanks everyone. Oh! I also just linked myself to anipike so in about 2 weeks (hopefully) I will be up! More pics to come...sooner or later...

11/19/00: Yahoo!!! Finally, I can put this crap on the net! Not updating though. WAY too tired!!! OR crazy... I'll update on Thanksgiving Vacation, k?

11/13/00: Hi. I'm bored. Tripod lost my account password. Won't let me update. Can't do anything. Not gonna update. Gotta do homework. Totally drained. Need Wufei...Need Wufei...Gonna go now. Will update soon...Not now. Drained. Bye. XieXie for patience. Need Wu-koi...

11/9/00: Oh! So sorry, no update today, na ka. I was at a friend's house all day today and Wednesday. I pwamise I do soon!!! Aiya! Put gun away Heero-san! I hurry, I hurry!!! Gots ta go!!! Aiya! Wufei-chan(koi^_~)!!! Put katana away!!!

11/6/00: Okay, I'm just gonna update some chibi pics today cause I got no time. I swear to you that I will have a ton of updates on Wednesday and Thursday. NO SCHOOL!!! Okay, so half day on Wed....OH!!! BTW, my b-day is on Nov. 10 so all you who actually look at my site, send me a message or somethin'. Luv yas!!! (Good mood, can you tell?). Also, the mp3s don't work...I will get them up soon. Promise.

10/29/00: Fuck has it been that long? I sorta forgot all about this thing but I am back. I'm sorry if anyone actually visited my site and was disappointed that I didn't update. Right now, I gotta finish my hw before midnight so I can't update anything but I will as soon as I have time. Sorry! Gimme a couple more days, k? I did, however, put up a music vid that I got from Temple O' Trunks. I'll link that up later.

10/11/00: Okay people. Finally got everything in working order again. I ain't gonna update for a while cause...I see no use. I have a lot of pics which I will be updating gradually. Tripod really fucked me up for a while. Don't take it wrong, I'm grateful and all and I found out it was my fault but hell! I need someone to blame besides myself. Anyway, I just did the minor changes in the page but nothing new. Just give me a while, okay?

10/5/00: HA! I got it!!! I got the damn mp3s all by myself! Seven fuckin' mp3s just for you guys! Now, I'm having a problem getting these updates on the web. I have a headache. Anyways, I am trying to get more mp3s, finish my fic, and do anyhing else to this thing that'll make you peeps happy. Oh, I also have tons of new (and Hot) pics but I can't do that until I'm sure I can actually get them on the net. I linked napster, got a voting thingy in the home page, and I think that's all. Hope ta see you soon...Oh! I'm FINALLY linked somewhere...just can't remember where ^_^0... Now, all I have to do is get Tripod to work. I'm stalling anymore updates until I can publish again so...don't expect anything for a bit.

10/3/00: Okay, call me stupid if ya want but...Idon'tknowhowtoputmp3sonmysite...okay, slowly now...I don't know how to put MP3s on my site. I...need help. If anyone....anyone at all can help me...I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm gonna ask my computer nerdy friend and then, I hope, I'll have some up. If not...I'm gonna be buggin' everyone for help or I'll just forget the idea and just link up Napster and let you all download them yourselves. Oh man, I forgot all about the history of the G-boys! I'm gonna get to it sooner or later. Just wait, na ka. I'll get to that after I figure out the stupid ****** mp3s. Oh, I'm also trying to restrain from cussing too much but it ain't working too well. I sort of just blow up later on (as you can tell from the last update...)

9/26/00: Well, gee. Gosh darn it, Napster keeps having a transmition error. Gosh, I sure hope it's okay. DAMN FUCKIN' PIECE OF CRAP! IT WON'T FUCKIN' WORK!!! Geez, I think I need help. I took a test and I'm 75% insane. Who'da thunk it.

9/24/00: OKAY! Major image update. Updates in Heero, Duo, Trowa, Quatre, Wufei, chibi, and groups!!! Also, a I made for all Relena-bashers. It's in the Zone. I hope you enjoy. I'll try to update more. Especially if I knew that anyone has been coming to my site but I know no one is...WAAAA!!! Oh, I almost forgot! I downloaded Napster because of my insane friend's threats (thanks AMA). Now, I am working on getting some MP3s for the site. It'll take a while cause I got no time. Just stay tuned. I'm pretty sure I'll have it up next. At least one song anyway.  

9/18/00: Okay. I know I have been pretty bad but I am trying. I am working on my fanfic. Um...the links. I'm trying to find my favorite links. The only thing is that they are mostly on anipike already. Speaking of Anipike. I am trying to get linked up to it but the stupid thing isn't working! If anyone wants to help could remind me on Mondays to help me get linked up. I'll be checking it right now...see ya.

9/12/00: I am SO sorry! I haven't been updating cause I've been so busy. Even more so, I ain't updating yet. Let me get something major up so that you'll have something to look forward to. Not that anyone visits my site anyway. Just wait till I'm on anipike. Then...I'll really have something to appologize for! Okay, just look around and visit guestbooks. You know the drill.

8/30/00: Okay, one crummy picture in the chibi section. You know I can't update for a while. This is just in between my homework. Gotta go back to it. Later. Probably won't see you again till after Sept. 9 though...

8/22/00: Sorry for the delay. I also apologize for not updating today. I'm just giving warning that I will not be able to update for a while. I just started school...again. I hate it if ya wanna know. Stupid private school. Hate my teachers, hate some other people. Can't look at anime. Still reading fics secretly. Blah, blah, blah. The only time I can possibly update is the weekends and even then, I'm pretty busy. Just bare with me and I'll have something special up.

8/17/00: Okay. I have the Relena Bashing Zone up but it's not how I wanted it. Oh well. No biggy. At least it works. I also got a new guestbook which is located in the Contact Me section of this thing. One question. Would you like to see the gbook when you click on contact me or would you like to go into the contact me and then click on the sign my gbook thing? I know. I'm confusing you. So sue me. I added a pic, link, and even a new counter. It has Duo's face on it. Put up a new section called Chibi Wing. It's in the Image gallery. Yeah. Okay. Bye.

8/10/00: Cool, I'm getting good at updating! Okay, finished the profile things for all characters. I will start working on their pasts soon but I have to get more info to check if I'm correct or if I'm leaving anything important out. I could really use some HELP here. Oh, I also did the Relena Bashing Zone but it's not done yet. Just need to get one more thing up and than you can comment all you want.

8/7/00: Wow, that was faster than usual. Okay, more group pictures. Physical stats for Duo and Trowa. I was contemplating putting up a Anti-Relena thing, what you think? I don't think many people will like that and I have no IDEA what to put on it. Maybe just what I think and a guestbook for people to comment. Any Relena lovers, sorry. I just decided, my next new thing will be a Relena Bashing page.

8/3/00: Well, it's been a while. Today, I threw together three banners (that look too plain in my opinion). I also did something for that FAQs. Not much. I can't seem to find too many good pics of the boys and I really don't want to expand my site to every character on the series. If you want, e-mail me and I'll think about expanding to certain characters. BTW, I don't like Relena so don't even ask. If I do, I Relena-bash. C YA. Oh, I got STARTED on doing the other profiles, nothing really good. So...yeah.

7/29/00: YEAH!!! Summer School finally over!'s been over for the past week but I've been too lazy/ busy to do it. Sorry. Okay...I didn't really do anything at all...just added some pic and...yeah, okay, bye.

7/15/00: Hehe...sorry it took so long...I actually did something more than just images! I finally but up that profile thingy (Heero only...sorry) I promised so long images. SHOCKER!!! Whatever. If you were wondering what's up with my mood today, all I'm gonna say is that I'm tired and it ain't any of your business. Woah, mood swing. No! I am not going through PMS!!! Any guy who says it gets creamed ya hear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7/10/00: I'll give you three guesses. Images, definately. Nothing great. Jeez, no one comes to my site anyways. I guess when I actually have lots of stuff up, I'll link to Anipike. Maybe you can get a laugh out of this thing. Yeah, well...tis all I can do now.

7/4/00: As you can tell...I ain't gonna update this for some time. I think I'll at least update once or twice a week cause...well...I'll stuck in summer school. Not cause I'm dumb or anything. Hell, I'm on the honor roll (barely...). Whatever...just don't get your hopes up, k? Now...images of course. Easiest thing to update. I'll try my best to finish that fanfic but I do have a fanfic up. Not mine but it'll tie into the fic I'm writting. Enjoy it, I know I did. All I can say is...Poor WUFEI!!! Oh! I plan on at least putting in the physical stats for our G-Boys soon, kay? I'm just too lazy to do it now.

7/1/00: Ha! More images!!! I will post some stuff up but bare with me that it's probably nothin' special. When I finish the current fanfic I am workin' on, I'll put it up. It's hard startin' a new page, k? Oh, I need info on some profiles too. So if you can send me some...

6/27/00: How pathetic am I? This is taking so long for me to update and actually have it look nice. If you are even bothering looking at this page, I either bribed you or your one of my crazy friends with nothing else to do. Whatever? I FINALLY put up some links so here are pages that are WAY better than mine. See ya!

6/18/00: Added more pics.

6/17/00: Added more pics. Heero picture section completed.

6/6/00:  Finally started to work on this page in the first place. Added new images and worked on profile. I promise I will post this page up soon...