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Well people. I need questions from you guys to actually put anything here. Just give me random questions about moi or my site. For example: Why are you called Yaro-chan? or for those that are Japanese-challenged, What does Yaro-chan mean? Ya know what? I'll just answer those two. Might give you a laugh.

1. What does Yaro-chan mean?
In Japanese, yaro means ass or asshole (not quite sure) and chan...well, I'll just translate it to little. SO...Yaro-chan: little ass(hole).
2. Why are you called Yaro-chan?
My friend and I went on this 'learn Japanese now!' kick and of course, we have to learn the bad words first! I call her Ama-chan: little bitch, and she calls me Yaro-chan. Just something that matches our personalities. We just made it up one day and it stuck.
3. Who is your favorite Gundam pilot?
Damn, well. I like all of them. My favorites are Heero, Trowa, and Wufei.  But the absolute favorite has to be Wufei. He's just so easy to make fun of! Also, if you look at my image gallery, he is one hot mofo. (As my friend stated). Love Trowa cause he's hot. Like Heero cause he's...computery and cute. Like Duo cause he's, well, Duo. Like Quatre cause he's a sweety. But, as stated before, LOVE WUFEI!!!
4. Why do you like Wufei so much? He's the ugly one!
For your 411, Wufei is NOT ugly. He is very HOT. If you actually read the third question, you would know. That is, if you can read!
5. Is it just me, or does Wufers look kinda girlishly scary with his hair down?
Well, I have heard from many people that Wufei looks rather hot with his hair down so it must just be you!
6. How does Trowa keep his hair down like that?
Your guess is as good as mine! Some people say it's lots of mousse and gel, others say it's a wig, and even some others say it's some synthetic fiber. Hmm...That would make a very good poll....