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Name: Duo Maxwell
Age: 15
Ethnicity: American
Height: 5'1" (156 cm)
Weight: 95lb (43kg) [Argh!!!]
Eye Color: Mischievous cobalt blue
Hair Color: Boyish brown with a 3-foot braid
Gundam: Gundam Deathscythe

The Scoop: With his cheerful personality and great sense of humor, Duo is surely the best date [oh yeah!] out of the five Gundam pilots. Don't get on the bad side of the Gundam Deathscythe pilot, though, or you'll find out why they call him the "God of Death" !

Friends and allies: Dou's a member of the Sweeper Group, an organization of scavangers and junk merchants, which help him in his missions. He's also friends with Heero --- at least he thinks so!

Pet peeves: The way Heero keeps stealing his Gundam's spare parts.

Fun fact: Duo may be a great secret agent, but what he really enjoys doing is salvaging and junk-dealing.

Duo's Past: