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Name: Quatre Raberba Winner
Age: 15
Ethnicity: Arabian
Height: 5'1" (156 cm)
Weight: 90lb (41kg) [Damn...]
Eye Color: True blue
Hair Color: Generous platinum-gold
Gundam: Gundam Sandrock

The scoop: Quatre is the noble heir to a family of space-colony builders who now fight for freedom as the pilot of the Gundam Sandrock. He's as gental as he is brave and always gives his enemies a chance to surrender.

Friends and allies: Quatre often travels with the Maganac Corps, a private army of 40 brave soldiers who help him in battle. We hear that he and Trowa are really good friends, too. [I don't like the sound of that...]

Pet peeves: That people are always fighting and killing and generally not getting along. After all, it's such a beautiful world!

Fun fact: Quatre is the youngest child, and only son, of the Winner family. He has 29 older sisters --- imagine that! [ And I complain about the one I have!]

Quatre's Past: