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Name: Chang Wufei
Age: 15
Ethnicity: Chinese
Height: 5'1" (156 cm)
Weight: 101lb (46kg) [At least I'm taller...]
Eye Color: Unfathomable black
Hair Color: Glossy black, with a traditional queue
Gundam: Shenlong Gundam

The scoop: This fierce fighter is descended from an ancient Chinese warrior clan; as well as being a superb pilot, he's also a master of the martial arts. Wufei is proud of his own abilities [one could say a little too proud] but not too impressed by anyone else's, so he prefers to work alone.

Friends and allies: The only ally Wufei trusts is his Shenlong Gundam. [Quite sad really... It's okay, I still love you, Wu-koi!!!]

Pet peeves: Weakness, especially weak people who insist on fighting anyway.

Fun fact: Wufei calls his Gundam "Nataku" after a hero in Chinese mythology. [Really sad story having to do with his past...]

Wufei's Past: