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Hello and welcome to the new Relena bashing zone. I know that many people hate Relena and I put this page up for those who just want to let there opinions out. Personally, I can't stand her. I have a lot of friends that can't stand her too. Even if you think she is great, (^_^,) share your opinions as well but know that I will not change this page or my mind. All you have to do is click the link below and start spewing your comments!

Go to the Relena Bashing Zone

Looky, A poll just for all of you Relena Bashers!!!

Oh, by the way. I was wondering if you would like a profile about Relena. I could do it but I want to know if you guys want it first. Don't want to waste my time on Relena.

Okay, I was in a really, REALLY bad mood when I made this and I just needed to vent it. If you're offended, skrew you! (I'm still in a bad mood...) If you like, tell me if you wanna borrow it.  If I ever get this mad again...expect another one of these.

Looky here, another one. Okay, I know it's silly and it's the same pic but I won't save another (shudder) Relena pic. Thing is, I wasn't actually mad, just bored...